This Letter to the Editor was submitted to The Capital and published in the Crofton News Crier in their April 9, 2010 weekly issue.


On March 19th, the Capital's editorial staff had their say about the TIF recently awarded to the developer of Gambrills' Waugh Chapel South.  The Capital endorsed the granting of the TIF . The piece inferred the only opposition to the project was being fostered by a labor union, and that no other residents could have independently carried concerns. We are writing today to demonstrate that such an inference was shortsighted, and it does not take account of the full situation.  There are those of us that feel the public should have many other concerns about the project moving forward.

While the developer interests' have been repeatedly advanced forward, 
homeowners are still waiting for municipal water connections to avoid further fly ash contamination.   Off-site monitoring wells needed to define the contamination size/shape have still not been installed. Before this project proceeds, the community needs to be better protected against further problems.

Is a
TIF the wisest use of tax dollars in this time of very limited funds for the county?  At a time when commercial vacancies are at a high on Route 3, this financing scheme to facilitate excess commercialism will undoubtedly contribute to business losses elsewhere on the highway.  

With a $300 million dollar project, it just seems odd that $16 million is what is necessary to get the development off the ground.  It is also curious why private sources have been reluctant to provide these funds for a project that is being touted as a guaranteed economic catalyst.

In short, we welcome the retailers who have said they will come to Waugh Chapel South.  We just want to make sure the project proceeds forward with the proper oversight and accountability to the surrounding community, and financially to the county at large.



The Board of Crofton First