Letter to the Capital-Gazette - Dick Lahn


To: The Capital-Gazette Newspaper

August 13, 2007

Letter to the Editor

The Capital article on Crofton First’s survey showing public support for having a Park along the Little Patuxent River -- including previously proposed Wal-Mart site -- attributes Crofton First’s co-chairman saying that a park is not likely to happen; “Mr. Berkshire wants to get paid for his land.” This non-sequitur was not said. No one is asking the property owner to donate the land even though he supports the park. Crofton First supports the Berkshire Greenway. If the Park is created, it is because County, State and Federal governments step up and pay for this land which, they all say they want.

The federal National Fish and Wildlife Service wants this land protected to extend the wildlife corridor from the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge to Jug Bay and on to the Chesapeake Bay. The State of Maryland wants this land protected because it is within the bounds of a designated State Scenic River, in the critical area, and is a part of the Patuxent Greenway System established to protect “important” lands. The County wants this land -- has already purchased over 80 acres as parkland – to fulfill its decision to protect the entire tract designated as the “Patuxent Greenway”.

Coming to the Crofton – Gambrills – Odenton area is BRAC bringing a large increase in population, proposed Route 3 shopping centers with big-box stores, increased traffic throughout the area – particularly on Route 3 and its already failing intersections, approved housing projects in the thousands of units, and a major investigation into fly-ash polluted drinking water wells.

The future is already here. Balance is key. Anne Arundel County is last in the State in the amount of public land preserved per resident. Who speaks for the residents of West County? Who speaks for the land?

Dick Lahn

Member Crofton First



The following two pictures are of the proposed park area as it existed 30 to 40 years ago when it was part of Walch’s Grove Picnic Area.





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